Flip'n Arcades

All work and no play make Pete a dull boy, so add a game to your garage! Included are a single player and a co-op arcade machine and a pinball machine, designed for 1/64 (3-inch) dioramas.

The kit consists of 21 unpainted laser cut 2mm MDF pieces.


Promote your favorite brands or your own garage at this billboard! Add that little extra touch to your 1/64 (3-inch) diorama.

The kit consists of 7 unpainted laser cut 2mm and 3mm MDF pieces.

Shop shit

Your diecast garage never has enough workbenches and can always use a dolly. This is your one-stop shop for all that 1/64 (3-inch) diorama shit! Included are a large and small workbench, 2 carjacks, a dolly and 2 lockers.

The kit consists of 19 unpainted laser cut 2mm and 3mm MDF pieces.