Introducing the Minikits!

Minikits are small packages with tons of fun! Choose from 3 arcade  machines, a billboard or some new tools for your shop. Minikits will bring more life to your own custom diecast diorama!

Sjo-Cal kits are the perfect starting point for your own custom diecast diorama. With the main work done, you can enjoy all the fun of painting and adding details. Whether it is your first diorama or you're a seasoned builder, these kits let you create your own miniature world, in any theme you want.  The smell of burned wood, that will be in your house for days, comes FREE with every kit!
All Sjo-Cal products are designed and produced in the Netherlands, Europe, sold worldwide!

If your car requires some serious bodywork, you have a #needforpete! Maybe our coolest kit yet, with loads of accessories.


Based on the 24 hours of Le Mans around 1966, when Ford took it’s legendary victory.

A Diecastcompany exclusive!

Loosely based on  the Zandvoort track in 1985, when the last F1 race (until 2020) took place.

A Diecastcompany exclusive!

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Make a bigger diorama with these kits!

Rally cars are some of the most awesome cars in your collection, to cool to hide between all the stock vehicles. Now you can show them in a correct setting, at the start, or finish, of the stage!

It’s racing time with a vintage European flair!   
Accessories, stickers, doors and clear instructions are included. Multiple kits can be connected to create a real pit lane and it can also be connected to the Elwood Dragstrip.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience the thrill of discovering a true barn find, right in your own home?
Now you can with the Sjo-Cal Barn Find diorama kit!

Pick the coolest dragsters, gassers and funny cars from your collection and put them to the test on the 1/64 mile of the Elwood Dragstrip!

Bigger and longer really is better. Why stop with a start when you can turn it into a full 1/64 mile?! With the 2-piece Dragstrip Extension set you can triple its size!

There is no better backdrop for your movie cars than a cinema! This kit is exclusive for Neue Schauburg in Burgdorf Germany.

A brand you can't rust

Sjo-Cal Speedtoys is founded by Sjors Trimbach and has been making diorama kits since 2018.  Basically, I  design what like and am amazed by how many others love and buy the products!

I try to make the products as environmentaly friendly as  possible, because someone has to do it.

Thank you and have fun!

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